Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I seriously am extremely stoked!!!!!

Seriously, I'm stoked!!!! Like, as in, K-Ro in the house!!!! Whew!!!! I've had 12 cups of espresso and I'm just buzzing! Like I was just riding in to work on my skateboard and I was thinking, man, dude, like, life is awesome sometimes, you know? Wow. I mean,I'm 14 years old and last year I had a paper route and now I've got this company and it's like taking off so huge and we're all gonna be like sicko rich. I love it!!! By the way, I just heard that supposedly we're gonna raise some more VC and when we do, fuck it, I'm buying a plane like the Google guys. No shit. And now the big man himself, Mr. Steve Jobs or his financial backer or whatever wants me to share some of my wisdom about Web 2.0 on their blog. Like, what is Web 2.0 and how is it different than Web 1.0? To me the biggest thing about Web 2.0 is it's not like the 1990s where you had all these guys raising lots of money but they didn't know to run a business. You know? So when the Jobs guy called I was like, Wow. Okay, whatever, like, uh, yeah, sure, but don't think I'm gonna give away all my best ideas and all the wisdom, right? But on other hand, I mean, how do you say no to Steve Jobs? Guy's a legend. My dad like sooo used to worship him. Oh shit, I gotta run, cause you won't fucking believe this but the new guy, Lyle, just came back from the supermarket with fifty bottles of Diet Coke and a case of Mentos and they're blowing them off in the break room. Whew!!!!! I love this job.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow...this is an old post...but congrats to you. I hope you make a mint. Or have made a mint since this is almost a year old. I have been to your Digg sight before. David Hewlett the actor posts stuff there and some of his squirrel minions help him out by digging his stuff. See
Anyway...good luck!!!

5:40 PM  
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